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Cranky's FARM is a registered charity dedicated to caring for unwanted, neglected or abused farm animals. Cranky's FARM has been operating since 2010 and we need your help to continue our work and to grow.
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Summer’s Fight For Life

    Below is the story of how Summer came to be in our care, what has happened to her since, where she is at now and what we need…

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  Eddie was born on a cattle breeding property in September 2022. The farmer found him the next morning laying at the bottom of a hill in a puddle of…

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Roosters are wonderful beings.  They strut, they crow and they make fabulous companions.  Unfortunately, so many of them find themselves living in suburbia where, sadly, they are not welcomed by…

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My name is Junior. Up until I was 6 years old I didn’t have a name. It was only when I was sold for $200 and went to a new…

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You’d be bonkers to miss our Open Day at the sanctuary on October 2! Bring your family, friends, kids, grandparents, vegans, non-vegans….all are welcome and it WILL BE A GREAT…

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Chicky Needs Life Saving Surgery

**UPDATE** Sadly, our little Chicky Minaj was not able to wake up from her surgery.  She fought so hard, the surgery was successfully, however, she was just too tired and…

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Help Jonny get back on his feet

HELP US RAISE $10,000 TO GET JONNY BACK ON HIS FEET!   On 30 June 2022 we were alerted to the Jonny’s predicament. We were told there was a pony…

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Meet Gloria

UPDATE ON GLORIA: It is now eight weeks since Gloria’s surgery and she has finally had all the metal removed from her body.  She is walking well on her two…

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Join the Cranky Club

If you’ve not already done so subscribe to the Cranky Club Newsletter using the subscription bar at the bottom of the page. What you can expect in the newsletter: The…

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Surprise Arrivals!!!

LUCKY Lucky was born on the 16th of February 2021.  His mum Trixie was showing for a few weeks so we knew he was on the way.  We decided to…

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Book Your Visit to Cranky’s Farm

You can now book a visit to  Cranky’s FARM by hitting the Events tab at the top of the page or by clicking HERE Visits to Cranky’s FARM are informal tours…

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The year that was 2021

A brief recap of the year that was was 2021 with all it’s ups and downs. Surprise babies: On January 11 we discovered a little bundle of cutness in the…

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Latest Rescues

December 2021 Gloria – see top of page. October 2021 We found Frank, Storm and Guy (who is a girl) living as ducklings in horrible conditions with no water and…

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"He would change our lives forever"

Cranky arrived at our property with two other dairy steers in February 2010. They had spent the first three months of their lives as part of a mobile petting zoo. Unfortunately, what people don’t realise, just like we didn’t, the lives of the cute baby animals they pat and cuddle at petting zoos are typically short lived.



Late in the afternoon of Sunday, 19 February 2023 we received a call about a kid goat who was in desperate need of help. Information about exactly what was wrong with the kid was limited, all we knew was that she was 5 weeks old, not drinking well and was...
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My name is Eddie.  I was born on a cattle farm in September 2022. Unfortunately, the farm owners found me the next day and, thinking I had sustained a crush injury, brought me to stay in their back yard. Sadly, they did not seek veterinary treatment for me at the...
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My name is Junior.  In 2023 I will turn 15 years old. My life before coming to Cranky's FARM wasn't very good.  I was treated badly, tied up and fed dog food mostly.  I lived on a few properties but always seemed to find myself in bad situations.  Thankfully, a...
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Diego is our one and only rooster.  Despite being on 60 acres, the sanctuary is only allowed to home one rooster due to council laws. Diego was born with a defect which rendered him incapable of standing on his legs.  Both his legs would splay outwards when he would try...
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The Cranky Ducks

There are three ducks that call Cranky's FARM home, Frank, Guy (who is a girl) and Storm. These three were rescued in October 2021, from unsatisfactory conditions when there were only a few weeks old. They were found living in a tiny enclosure with no access to water in the...
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Chicky Minaj

RIP Little Chicky. Our sweet little girl passed away in August 2022 after undergoing major surgery to remove a large mass from her abdomen. Unfortunately, although she made it through surgery she never regained consciousness. This broke our hearts. PLEASE READ ON SO CHICKY'S PASSING WAS NOT COMPLETELY IN VAIN:...
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Chloe and Push


We at Cranky's FARM want to help more animals. We can only do that with your support. 100% of all donations go towards the rescue and care of the animals at Cranky's FARM. Cranky's FARM is open to the public by appointment, please contact us if you wish to visit.