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Cranky's FARM is a registered charity dedicated to caring for unwanted, neglected or abused farm animals. Cranky's FARM has been operating since 2010 and we need your help to continue our work and to grow.
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Gloria is a rooster who was advertised on Gumtree as "Female turkey for eating".

While we agree Gloria definitely is a female turkey, she is so much more than "for eating".

We rescued Gloria from the Christmas dinner plate to discover the reason she was being gotten rid of is because she had injured her leg several weeks prior and she wasn't worth taking to the vet.

Apparently, she was going to cost us "way more than she was worth" if we got her veterinary treatment.

We ignored this "warning" and took her to the vet to find out that her injury was, in fact, a completely broken leg, one she has suffered with for several weeks without pain medication or any treatment.

X-rays revealed her leg had snapped in half and her bones had healed beside each other rather than underneath each other.   Gloria could not continue living her life in that condition.

So, with the help of our supports and the wonderful team at The Unusual Pet Vet, Sunshine Coast, Gloria had surgery.  Unfortunately, due to the amount of time that had passed since she broke the leg the surgery was lengthy and complex.








Regardless, Gloria pulled through and, today, 31/12/21 she is going on for two weeks since surgery.

Gloria undergoes daily physiotherapy and twice daily medication.  She takes both with absolutely dignity and grace.

Personally, I have never met such a patient, tolerant and gentle soul as Gloria and the thought that her life was almost cut so terribly just breaks my heart.

What you can do to help Gloria:

  • Share her social media posts so every knows that turkeys are sentient beings deserving of respect, equality and freedom and are certainly not meant for the plate.
  • Donate to Gloria's Chuffed Campaign - we are trying to raise $5000 to make sure we can give Gloria everything she needs to make a full recovery and live a love, happy, healthy life.  We have already raised over $3500 so just a little way to go but it's very much needed.  We have spent more than $3000 on surgery and medications for Gloria already.  For further information see Gloria's Chuffed Campaign.  Visit Gloria's Chuffed campaign



Roosters are wonderful beings.  They strut, they crow and they make fabulous companions.  Unfortunately, so many of them find themselves living in suburbia where, sadly, they are not welcomed by councils and some neighbours!

Every day we are asked to either provide a home or find a home for a rooster who has outgrown his welcome at his current residence.

Sadly, we are unable to take in roosters are this time here at Cranky's FARM and they are also very difficult to find a safe  home for. 🙁

However, if you have a rooster that you need to re-home, please email us and we will put him on our adoption page and social media to try to help you find him a safe forever home.


  • His name
  • His breed (if known)
  • His age (if known)
  • His temperament
  • His experience with other animals
  • How you came to be caring for him
  • Reason for rehoming
  • Rehoming deadline
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Good quality photos/videos of him!



The time has finally come where we need help to make sure all the Cranky residents are perfectly cared for!

We have decided to offer volunteer positions  in the following four teams:

  • Admin - tasks may include book-keeping, social media, organising events and fundraising, etc.
  • Buidling/Maintenance - tasks may include fencing, building/maintaining enclosures, weeding, etc.
  • Markets - tasks may include set up/pull down and manning of market stalls.
  • Resident care - tasks may include cleaning enclosures, basic veterinary treatment, resident enrichment, feeding, etc.

Currently we are offering shifts on Thursday and Friday afternoon between 3 - 6pm and Saturday morning between 10am - 12pm.

If you would like to register your interest in becoming a Cranky volunteer please complete our online form which can be found HERE

Please be aware that having regular volunteers is very important to us so please only register your interest if you can commit to regularly attending your assigned shifts for a period of at least two months.

If you're lucky this could be you! 🙂


You can now book a visit to  Cranky's FARM by hitting the Events tab at the top of the page or by clicking HERE

Visits to Cranky's FARM are informal tours of the sanctuary, meeting all the residents and hearing their stories and go for two hours.

Visits are typically from 10am to midday or from 3pm to 5pm.  Visits in the afternoon are our favourite during summer because it is cooler and the residents are, usually, more relaxed.




Lucky was born on the 16th of February 2021.  His mum Trixie was showing for a few weeks so we knew he was on the way.  We decided to name this little bundle Lucky after his father.  Lucky Snr is a little but very determined Dexter bull who lived next to our sanctuary at Stanthorpe.  Despite his tiny stature he could jump a fence like an Olympic hurdler and be in and out before we even knew it.  Lucky is father to four of our residents; Moussey, Boo, Neville and now Lucky Jnr.  Although we do not condone breeding, life seems to always find a way and we consider ourselves blessed to be able to give these babies and mothers their lives together.


Rayne was born late at night on the 11th of January 2021.  His mum Fiona only showed us she was expected the day before, much to our SURPRISE!  We did some quick calculations and realised she must have been just pregnant when she arrived at Cranky's in May 2020.  Little Rayne was born naturally, without any interference and will now get to spend the rest of his life with his mum, Uncle Bradley and the the rest of the Cranky family.


Nicholls was born at 4pm on Tuesday 24 November 2020 followed 4 hours later by his sister Spring.

Their mum Coco and brother Pops had recently been rescued after being abandoned on a property and scheduled to be shot.

Nicholls is a robust, healthy, cheeky and vivacious little man.

Unfortunately, Spring was born tiny, weak and underdeveloped and was quickly left to fend for herself by her mum.

We rushed her to the vet on the night she was born and are now taking care of her full time.  She is an amazing, brave, funny and mischevious little lady who is full of life.  We are determined to do whatever is necessary to give her a full, healthy, happy and long life.












Watch Spring's debut video here



Upon arriving at Cranky's FARM on the 1st of August we noticed that Sarah was hanging back away from the herd.  After a brief investigation is was clear why, she had safely delivered a baby boy.

We have called him Neville after the wonderfully helpful family who own and run our local produce.

Neville and his mum are doing very well.

Sarah is a wonderful mum and her and Neville are beautifully bonded.


Neville has also become firm friends with Little J who he looks up to and follows like a big brother.



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Where to find a Cranky's FARM stall

If you are interested in finding out more about Cranky's FARM, making a donation in person, purchasing some of our unique merchandise or just want to meet some Cranky's FARM team members you can find us at the following awesome upcoming vegan events:

  • Queensland Vegan Markets - Mount Gravatt Showgrounds
  • Queensland Vegan Markets - Kawana Shoppingworld
  • For Queensland Vegan Markets dates check out the Qld Vegan Markets Face Book page



December 2021

Gloria - see top of page.

October 2021

We found Frank, Storm and Guy (who is a girl) living as ducklings in horrible conditions with no water and crammed into a small enclosure with many other ducklings.

These three were so excited the first time they got to swim and spread their little wings.  Our heart breaks for the other little ones we could not save.

August 2021

Peggy has been with us since the 3rd of August.  We are in love with her because she is, quite literally; amazing, brave, gentle, affectionate, patient and adorable.

She was born on a feed lot to a mother destined for slaughter.  He start to life was hard; she lot her mum, broke her leg and more recently dislocated her right hip.  We do not know how either of these injuries happened as they occurred before we became aware of Peggy.  We are going to do all we can to give her the best life she can possibly have.

Missy came from the same property that Peggy used to live at.  Missy was rescued as a kid after being rejected by her mother.  The elderly couple who rescued her hand-raised and cared for her for as long as they could manage.

Missy then found herself at Peggy's place where she quickly made the family fall in love with her.  Unfortunately, they didn't have sturdy enough fencing to stop Missy from escaping to visit their flock of miniature goats with whom she would spend ages trying to play a bit too boisterously.  The family contacted us at Cranky's FARM and we agreed to take her in.  Missy is a very friendly, affectionate goat who seems like like people even more than her new goat family.


June 2021

Sweet Pea arrived at Cranky's when she was only just over a week old and weighed 1.5kgs.  She  had been advertised on Gum Tree as a "Hand Raised Future Spit Pig", meaning a pig able to be hand raised and then slaughtered to roast on a spit.

Her mother, a pig used to breed meat pigs rejected her which was why she was being hand raised.  Thankfully, we saw the ad and, instead of ending up on someone's plate Sweet Pea will now enjoy a long, happy, exploitation free life.

December 2020

Lopez was surrendered to us after living his life on the trots track and then being used to teach people to ride.

Lopez is 24 years old and requires a special "old man" diet due to his age and poor dental condition.

18 October 2020

We received a message that four goats were abandoned on a property and,  unfortunately, were making a nuisance of themselves according to the neighbours.  There were two adult, entire males a nanny and a kid.  They are all very shy of people.

We were able to pick the nanny and her 3-4 month old son up and bring them to Cranky's.  The other two males we are still trying to organise a home or foster carer for.

Meet Coco (mum) and Pops (bub).

These two are very tiny and very scared of people.  They are currently in their own enclosure beside our resident goats where they can settle in and await the visit from the vet scheduled for Wednesday, 28/10/2020.  They will be vaccinated, wormed and little Pops will be castrated.  It will be a very stressful event for these two little angels (and us)!  We are giving them lost of yummy food and sitting in with them while they eat so they associate us with only good things.  We hope they will learn to trust us and quickly become part of the  Cranky family.











October 2020

This month saw us make the big move to Mount Mee and take in our first ever Cranky chickens; Chewy, Lizzy and Dora!  It didn't take us long to fall in love with these three.  Chewy is a hen who has transitioned to a rooster and Dora and Lizzy were found hanging out on the very busy  South Pine Road!  Dora and Lizzy are best friends but they have quickly welcomed Chewy into their little flock.











20 April 2020

We are so happy to announce that the following three sweethearts have been saved from the cattle sales and will be coming to live at Cranky's FARM within the next two weeks:

Fiona - We are very excited to welcome Fiona as she is the biological sister of our beloved current resident, Bradley

Jimmy - Born at the same feed lot as Bruno and Stuart, we are so much looking forward to meeting and caring for Jimmy.

Justin - Justin was a last minute rescue, with his place at Cranky's secured literally minutes before he was due to get on the truck!

10 April 2020

Sonny arrived at Cranky's on Friday, 10 April 2020.

He is a 4 year old, de-sexed male pig.  Sonny was bred and sold as a miniature by a breeder on the Sunshine Coast.  Unfortunately, he hasn't stayed as small as advertised and constantly escapes his enclosure putting both himself and some of his human family in danger.

We were asked to take Sonny or he faced being euthanised so we agreed.

Sonny, so far, seems to be loving his new home.  He has explored, played, wallowed and slept.  He met all the other Cranky residents on Saturday afternoon and did so with confidence and good manners.  He wasn't scared of anyone, on the contrary, he seems to want to be friends with everyone!

3 April 2020

Obie and Nero, arrived safety at their new forever home, Head Over Hooves Farm Haven on Thursday, 2 April 2020.  These two dairy steers were rescued directly from a dairy at only days old and were cared for until they were around 14 months old.  Unfortunately, they could not stay where they were due to the ill health of their carer and faced being sent to slaughter.  Thankfully, they are now safe.

1 March 2020

Roger, the 2 year old Saddleback pig was successfully delivered to his new forever home on Sunday, 1 March 2020.

Roger went from living in a small enclosure with no grass or shelter to a large paddock type enclosure with grass everywhere, a house built just for him, toys, a sandpit and people who love him.




You can now sponsor your very own Cranky's FARM resident!

Sponsoring an animal is the very best way you can help support our sanctuary.

Regular monthly donations help us to budget for present and future events.

Knowing how much we have coming in each month gives us the confidence to be able to save more lives.

One off donations are great but sponsorship is totally awesome!

Thanks to our amazing supporters all the residents at Cranky's have at least one sponsor.

If you can spare even $5.00 a month please consider sponsoring a Cranky's FARM resident.

As well as being great for the animals sponsorship also has some added bonuses for the sponsors.

When you sponsor a Cranky's FARM resident you will receive:

  • A sponsorship certificate;
  • Exclusive access to photos of your sponsored resident that only other sponsors get to see;
  • Our heart-felt appreciation; and
  • Free access to visit your sponsored resident at Cranky's FARM

If you would like to sponsor a Cranky's FARM resident just go to the residents page, click on the resident you want to sponsor and then click on the "Sponsor Me" button at the bottom of their bio.


"He would change our lives forever"

Cranky arrived at our property with two other dairy steers in February 2010. They had spent the first three months of their lives as part of a mobile petting zoo. Unfortunately, what people don’t realise, just like we didn’t, the lives of the cute baby animals they pat and cuddle at petting zoos are typically short lived.



My name is Missy and I am a very friendly goat. I originally was saved by an elderly couple who hand-raised me but as I grew older and more boisterous they had to send me to live with another family. There I was loved and cared for and I really...


My name is Peggy.  I was born in October 2020 and I am a Brahman heifer. Sadly, my life started on a feedlot where my mother was being fattened before being sold. I was taken and hand raised but had an accident at 6 weeks old and my leg was...

Sweet Pea

My name is Sweet Pea and I'm a currently a tiny, little pig. I was bred and my destiny was to be advertised and sold as 'Spit Meat' at between 3-6 months old. As  it turns out though I was, instead, saved by Cranky's FARM! I was born on the...


My name is Rayne. I am a Bradford, which is a cross between a Hereford and a Brahman. The people at Cranky's FARM weren't expecting me, but I surprised them by arriving late at night on the 11th of January 2021. Apparently my mum, Fiona, was pregnant with me when...


My name is Lopez.  I'm 24 years old and came to live at Cranky's FARM in December 2020. In my previous life I competed in trots racing.  I was then retired and,due to my lovely, docile nature, I was purchased and used to teach several young people how to ride....


My name is Spring (aka Spring-a-ling)! I was born at Cranky's FARM on 24 November 2020. Sadly, my mum Coco didn't really take to me and I was left to fend for myself. When I was born I was very tiny and underdeveloped.  I had very contracted tendons in my...
Chloe and Push


The year that was 2021

A brief recap of the year that was was 2021 with all it’s ups and downs. Surprise babies: On January 11 we discovered a little bundle of cutness in the…


Click here to watch Spring’s video


For a long while now it has been obvious to the founders and board members of Cranky’s FARM that their current property is not sustainable into the future. After much…

2018-2019 RESCUES

25 October 2019 – Freckles and Bill Freckles arrived with his friend, Bill (below) on Friday 25 October 2019.  Together they spent 24 hours in our holding pen being sniffed…


CRANKY’S FARM IS MOVING!!! For a long while now it has been obvious to the founders and board members of Cranky’s FARM that their current property is not sustainable into…


Roger the 2 year old Saddleback arrived at his new home on Sunday, the 1st of March. He went from a small enclosure with no grass or shelter to a…

2018/2019 Financial Statement and Annual Report

Below is the link to our 2018/2019 Financial Statement. Cranky’s FARM 18/19 Financial Report Below is the link to our 2018/2019 Annual Report. Cranky’s FARM 18/19 Annual Report  


Solo, rescued only a few months ago from filthy, cramped conditions is loving life. He is playful and very talkative and we think he just loves this ball.


Why Jack, you have many others things to take and tear up, why my good hat? Donkey’s are quite hilarious; mischievous, clever, stubborn and very affectionate.

The gorgeous Gaby in her new home

Gaby is one of our successfully rehomed animals. She had lived her whole life at a property near Toowoomba where her person loved her very much. Unfortunately, due to drought…


We at Cranky's FARM want to help more animals. We can only do that with your support. 100% of all donations go towards the rescue and care of the animals at Cranky's FARM. Cranky's FARM is open to the public by appointment, please contact us if you wish to visit.