Help Jonny get back on his feet



On 30 June 2022 we were alerted to the Jonny’s predicament.

We were told there was a pony who urgently needed our assistance, however, we were unaware what lead to his living situation and condition but believed those caring for him were doing the best they could.

After seeing  pictures and video of Jonny we understood immediately that we needed to get him to Cranky’s as soon as possible.  He was seen by a local veterinarian and given the okay to travel.

On 2 July 2022 at 3am a dedicated team of Cranky volunteers took a horse float and two cars on a 21 hour round trip to bring him home.

When Jonny arrived he was secured in his own, safe, dry stable with access to fresh water and good feed.

On Sunday, 3 July 2022 our equine vet visited Jonny for the first time and was horrified by the state of his hooves.  She was not optimistic for Jonny’s recovery.

On Monday morning, 4 July 2022 the vets returned with a mobile X-ray machine and took radiographs of Jonny’s hooves and legs.  Thankfully, they gave us a little hope that we may be able to get him back to a stage where he can enjoy life again for however long he has left.

Jonny has his first appointment with a vet recommended farrier on Friday, 8 July 2022.  As he is suffering from chronic laminitis and hoof damage he will need to be stabled continuously for many  months.

We have also been told that Jonny is significantly underweight and so he is being fed a vet recommended diet of soaked lucerne hay, Hygain Zero (low sugar) pellets and Hygain Balanced (a pelletised mineral supplement).

We are nervous for Jonny as he has a hard road ahead of him before he is pain free and able to run again but that is our goal for him.  He will require multiple farrier visits,  on-going veterinary care and hoof rehabilitation.  Jonny will practically need to learn to walk all over again.

Now that we know how we can help Jonny, we know you will want to help too!

To start off we are going to try to raise $10,000 to cover Jonny’s transport to Cranky’s FARM, his initial vet vists and his upcoming farrier costs.


As at 4 July 2022, Jonny’s rescue and treatment has cost $1800.  Included in this amount is fuel, horse float hire, vet consultation and X-rays.

If you can give any amount towards Jonny’s recovery, even $5, you will be making a world of difference to him!