My name is Junior.

Up until I was 6 years old I didn’t have a name. It was only when I was sold for $200 and went to a new home that they gave me a name.

When my new “owners” went to pick me up, they found I was chained to a pole. They were told that I like to eat dog food and apples.

I was frustrated, hungry and could never find a nice place to rest or get away from the beating rain and searing heat.

At my new home, unfortunately, I was again, tied up.  This time I was tied to a dog kennel and to survive had to share the dog’s food from their bowl.

Confused and frightened once again, no shelter or shade.

My neck hurt from the heavy metal chain that bound me. I longed to feel like a horse.

After a while a kind human undid my chain and set me free!

The feeling of air pulsing through my delicate nostrils, wind in my mane and my little feet pounding the earth at great speed, filled me with life and gratitude. I almost felt like a horse.

I had a large paddock to graze in that I shared with goats and cattle. They became my companions along with the horses on the other side of the fence.

The kind human who belonged to those horses would scratch and groom me at times, as well as give me hay in the cold winters when I was oh so hungry.  She always worried about me, I knew she cared.

Because I was still a stallion, I was very friendly to the lady horses. It was only then that the humans who had bought me realised I was not a gelding. No one told my new owners when they purchased me that I was a stallion.

Due to a birth defect, castrating me was too costly for my owners so I was left a stallion. This meant I couldn’t be with girl horses or even other boys.

I was dreadfully lonely after years in my big paddock, walking the same worn tracks.

Lots of my goat and cow friends died around me as we endured 6 years of harrowing drought. The smell would frighten me, permeating my little nostrils. I knew what death was. The buzzing of blow flies disturbed me.

The long hot days seemed endless, scorched earth and shriveled dry blades of grass but I survived.

I am 14 years old, my little feet hurt, my body is weary and my head hangs low.  My spirit is diminishing.

My mouth is sore when I eat, as my teeth haven’t been tended to for several years.

I am desperately lonely.

More of my cattle friends have died around me, after such a bitterly cold and bleak winter here where I currently live.

I need to have my operation at the vets so that I can find a loving, caring home with other horse friends.

I would love a warm cosy bed at night, somewhere to shelter from the rain and some friends to rest with, run with, play with.

To help Junior we must have him castrated at a specialist equine vet due to his birth defect.  The cost of this procedure, overnight stays and recovery is estimated to be between $2000 – $4000.  Without having this surgery Junior is unable to move from his current home to the Cranky’s FARM sanctuary.

Please help us to save Junior.  He cannot last much longer in his current situation.  He deserves the best life we can give him and we need your help to achieve that.

Please give what you can, even $5 is a big help.  Please share Junior’s story and campaign and, together, we will change this little horse’s life for good!!!

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