Chicky Needs Life Saving Surgery


Sadly, our little Chicky Minaj was not able to wake up from her surgery.  She fought so hard, the surgery was successfully, however, she was just too tired and was not able to awaken after being anesthetised.   We thank everyone for their thoughts and words of kindness about Chicky’s passing and those who contributed towards her surgery.  She is missed every day.


Chicky is a very sick little lady.

A large mass has been discovered in her abdomen. Without treatment Chicky will have to be euthanised.

An ultarsound suggsets it may not be cancerous, so we have opted for surgery to remove the mass.

Chicky has been hospitalised and is on intravenous fluids and pain relief. She will remain hospitalised until her surgery on Monday.

The estimate for her treatment is $2500. We have paid a $1000 deposit.

Please help us cover the costs of this life saving surgery. Any amount, even $5 is a big help to us!



We will do everything we can to save Chicky’s life and have her back to her adorably, cheeky self as soon as possible but Chicky will need to fight as this is literally a life and death situation.

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