Meet Gloria


It is now eight weeks since Gloria’s surgery and she has finally had all the metal removed from her body.  She is walking well on her two strong, straight legs and can now begin to start her new life outside with the other Cranky residents.  We will be on the look-out to see if we can find Gloria another turkey friend to make her life just that little bit happier.


Gloria is a rooster who was advertised on Gumtree as “Female turkey for eating”.

While we agree Gloria definitely is a female turkey, she is so much more than “for eating”.

We rescued Gloria from the Christmas dinner plate to discover the reason she was being gotten rid of is because she had injured her leg several weeks prior and she wasn’t worth taking to the vet.

Apparently, she was going to cost us “way more than she was worth” if we got her veterinary treatment.

We ignored this “warning” and took her to the vet to find out that her injury was, in fact, a completely broken leg, one she has suffered with for several weeks without pain medication or any treatment.

X-rays revealed her leg had snapped in half and her bones had healed beside each other rather than underneath each other.   Gloria could not continue living her life in that condition.

So, with the help of our supports and the wonderful team at The Unusual Pet Vet, Sunshine Coast, Gloria had surgery.  Unfortunately, due to the amount of time that had passed since she broke the leg the surgery was lengthy and complex.








Regardless, Gloria pulled through and, today, 31/12/21 she is going on for two weeks since surgery.

Gloria undergoes daily physiotherapy and twice daily medication.  She takes both with absolutely dignity and grace.

Personally, I have never met such a patient, tolerant and gentle soul as Gloria and the thought that her life was almost cut so terribly just breaks my heart.

What you can do to help Gloria:

  • Share her social media posts so every knows that turkeys are sentient beings deserving of respect, equality and freedom and are certainly not meant for the plate.
  • Donate to Gloria’s Chuffed Campaign – we are trying to raise $5000 to make sure we can give Gloria everything she needs to make a full recovery and live a love, happy, healthy life.  We have already raised over $3500 so just a little way to go but it’s very much needed.  We have spent more than $3000 on surgery and medications for Gloria already.  For further information see Gloria’s Chuffed Campaign.  Visit Gloria’s Chuffed campaign

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