Summer’s Fight For Life



Below is the story of how Summer came to be in our care, what has happened to her since, where she is at now and what we need to do to help her fight for her life.

Summer’s story is sad and all too common.

How non-human animals are left without proper care until it is often too late makes us very angry.  It also makes us determined to fight with everything we have for those who come into our care!

These types of rescues and subsequent rehabilitation cases take up a lot of time and cost a lost of money.  The Cranky’s FARM team are committed to putting in the time and effort it takes to give these special individuals the very best chance they have at life.

Still, we cannot do this alone.

Please read Summer’s story and find out how you can help her fight for her life!



Late in the afternoon of Sunday, 19 February 2023 we received a call about a kid goat in desperate need of help. Later, we were to name the kid, Summer. This is her story.

Information about exactly what was wrong with the kid was limited, all we knew was that she was 5 weeks old, not drinking well and was unable to stand. We were told she had been ill for almost a week and was getting progressively worse.

We knew right away that we had to at least go and find our what was going on but what we found when we arrived we weren’t quite prepared for!


When we arrived Summer was wrapped in a padded blanket.  She was limp, her head lolling to one side, she was lifeless.

We laid her in the back of the car and after a quick examination it was quite obvious to us that this little girl was suffering from a life threatening infection.

Her joints were massively swollen and very hot to the touch. She could not hold her head up. We were told she had been sick for 6 days and was getting worse.  She had been unable to bear any weight on her legs for several days.  She had gone off her milk.  She had NOT been seen by a vet!

We had to get her to the vet immediately.

We called ahead and reported we had an emergency and took her straight to the vet.  We honestly believed she was too far gone and that we were taking her to the vet to be humanely euthanised.

The trip to the vet seemed to take forever.  We kept expecting her to pass at any moment. Her breathing was shallow and she was making little mewling noises.


The vet agreed, Summer was fighting a massive infection and she needed to be immediately put on intravenous (IV) fluids, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medication.

As hard as it was we had to leave this little baby in the capable hands of the vets to see if she would make it through the night.

When we received the call in the morning to let us know she was still fighting we were relieved to say the least.

Summer stayed at the vet for almost a week. During that time we visited her and were disheartened to find her still so weak and almost unresponsive. We were not confident she would make it.



After almost a week at the vet it was time for Summer to come home.

We picked her up on Saturday morning, 25 February 2023.

She was brighter and more alert but she was so skinny and still could not move herself at all.  She could not stand, she could not sit up, she could not bear any weight on her legs.

Once home she required 5 injections a day; antibiotics, pain relief and steroids.  We had to do everything for her.  Summer needed to be stood up to toilet, she needed to be rotated from one side to the other every hour.  When she fell to one side she had to be helped to sit back up.

Unfortunately, after only a few days Summer’s temperature began to rise and we had to take her back to the vet. The infection was still not gone!

Summer was, once again, at the vet on IV medication.


Since Summer has been home with us there have been some ups and downs.

Although Summer is back with us she is far from out of the woods. 

We have to monitor her very closely and at the slightest sign of illness take her straight back to the vet.  She has spent another night in hospital on IV fluids being monitored.

Summer is still unable to move herself.   She still cannot sit up or stand unassisted.  She cannot bear weight on her legs or walk.  We are still doing everything for her.


Despite all this Summer seems happy and is loving her food; milk, leaves, hay, grass and veggies.

Summer has been seen by a physiotherapist and is under a strict regime of exercise and massage.

Summer is being cared for by a family of very dedicated foster parents Adam, Jess and Torvi (furry sister) and the Cranky’s FARM team.

Despite all she has been through and her ongoing struggles Summer has shown us she is still determined to fight for her life and, therefore, WE WILL FIGHT FOR HER!

Next week Summer is going to see the specialist vets at the University of Queensland’s Gatton Campus.

There were hoping they will be able to figure out what is stopping Summer from being able to bear weight on her legs, walk or sit up.


Summer’s current vet bill stands at just over $2000.

It is estimated that the diagnostic procedures required to determine what is stopping her from walking will cost between $3000 – $4000.

The costs associated with Summer’s around the clock care are estimated to be approx. $80 a week and include; milk, puppy pads, hay, vegetables, pellets and physiotherapy sessions, etc.

We are hoping to raise the funds to help cover the costs of Summer’s past and imminent veterinary fees totaling $6000.

We are also seeking monthly sponsorship for Summer to help cover the costs of her ongoing care. 

Please help us by:

  • Contributing to Summer’s campaign
  • Sponsor Summer – sponsorships can be for as little as $5 a month and all amounts help us out greatly
  • Share Summer’s story with everyone you know!

Together we can give Summer the best chance to fight for her life!



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