Eddie was born on a cattle breeding property in September 2022.

The farmer found him the next morning laying at the bottom of a hill in a puddle of water.  They noticed Eddie has broken skin at the top of his tail and was showing signs that he may have slipped down the hill and been stood on by another cow.   He was obviously injured.

Unfortunately, Eddie was not provided veterinary care at the time.  Instead he was taken to the house yard, bottle raised and then weaned.  He was never provided veterinary treatment for his inability to stand up unassisted, walk or keep his back legs from splaying out to the sides.  Eddie’s back legs were tied with a band to keep them from splaying out and rendering him unable to stand.

We were contacted about Eddie when he was four months old.

We picked him up from the farm on November 26 2022 and took him directly to the vet.  The vet advised he suspected a condition called Bovine Spastic Paresis which is a condition that causes certain nerves to misfire, overstimulating muscles and tendons. This causes the legs to be unbendable.

On Monday, 28 November 2022 Eddie underwent surgery on his right back leg.  This surgery was to sever the effected nerve, hopefully releasing the tension on the muscles and tendons.  On Wednesday, 30 November 2022 he underwent the same surgery on his other back leg.

Eddie returns home to Cranky’s FARM tomorrow, Friday 2 December 2022.  We will be then begin Eddie’s rehabilitation.  This will be intensive and very lengthy.  We can only hope and pray that our effects will result in Eddie being able to live a quality life and for as long as his little legs will hold him we will be there to help and love him.

Eddie’s surgery and rehabilitation is estimated to cost around $5000.  Any cent donated towards Eddie’s campaign will go directly to helping give him his second and only chance at life.




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