My name is Eddie.  I was born on a cattle farm in September 2022.

Unfortunately, the farm owners found me the next day and, thinking I had sustained a crush injury, brought me to stay in their back yard.

Sadly, they did not seek veterinary treatment for me at the time.

At around 4 months old the farm owners decided I was not going to recover and, as they could not profit from me and their nephew had grown fond of me, they contacted Cranky’s FARM.

Thankfully, the people at Cranky’s took me immediately to the vet where it was discovered I had a hereditary condition called Bovine Spastic Paresis (BSP).

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Since then I have undergone two surgeries on my hind legs and am now undergoing rehabilitation to try to teach me to walk.

I am a very special individual with very special needs and my life is unique.  I am trying very hard to learn to use my back legs.

As my situation is so unique I require and will continue to need very specialist care.  My carers at Cranky’s FARM are trying every thing they can to give me the best and longest (happy and healthy) life possible.

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