Brett and Natalie Stevenson bought 100 acres of land at The Summit, Qld in August 2009.  They took in their first rescued farm animals in February 2010 and their lives changed.

Amongst the first rescued was Cranky, a 4 month old dairy steer who had spent the first months of his life travelling around as part of a mobile petting zoo.  He was a funny looking boy, skinny with long legs, a brown body and a black and white face.   Cranky turned out to be such a special soul, a leader and a protector.  Brett and Natalie didn't know it at the time but rescuing him would change their lives forever.

Cranky at 4mths old

Between 2010 and 2017 Brett and Natalie rescued and homed 22 farm animals at their own cost.

In 2017 they decided they should do more, they should rescue more, but they would need the help of the community.  To achieve this they formed the company Cranky's Farm Animal Rescue Mission Ltd in September

2017.  That company became an Australian registered charity in January 2018.

That brings us up-to-date and that's where you come in. 

Our vision includes the following:

  • Appointing live-in staff and volunteer animal carers and maintenance workers.  This would allow us to take in many more animals and enable us to help those with special needs, the aged and those in infancy.
  • Construction of specialised animal housing facilities.  This would allow us to take in species we are currently unable to house, for example pigs and chickens, etc.
  • Open Cranky's FARM to public visitors during the week.  This would enable us to educate more people by allowing them to spend more time getting to know the animals.
  • Hold educational tours for school classes and engage school aged children as volunteers. This would allow us to focus our attention on educating and enlightening young people to the importance of a vegan lifestyle and having love and respect for all animals.
  • Allow overnight stays in our cabin style accommodation.  This would enable those overnight visitors to spend significant time with the animals.  They would have a more hands-on sanctuary experience which would open their eyes to the complex and collaborative relationships formed within the extended family of humans and animals.


Sarah and Brett

Snoozing Jersey

Bubba and Nat