My name is Lorenzo.

My age is unknown but is estimated to be over 25 years (as at 2023).

I have lived a hard life out in the paddocks protecting cattle and other herds and flocks.

Consequently, I haven’t had a lot of care taken of me and have suffered from bouts of painful laminitis which have gone untreated.

I have not had a great diet, hoof or dental care or vaccinations.  My body is tired and painful as I suffer from arthritis.

I am very affectionate but also shy and quite terrified and easily startled by sudden movements, especially of people’s hands.

The team at Cranky’s thinks this is because I may not have been treated all that kindly throughout my life by people.

I came to live at Cranky’s in June 2023.  Shortly after I arrived I was seen by a vet.  I have had my vaccinations, teeth checked, my hoof rehabilitation started, my diet changed to one suited to my age and condition.  I sleep inside at night out of the cold and I am receiving lots of love and attention.  Already I am starting to feel much better.

Due to my age and condition, I will require life-long special care.  This will be expensive by the team at Cranky’s FARM will give me everything I need to have a wonderful new life.

If you’d like to help them care for me you can sponsor me by clicking on the Sponsor Me button below.  Even $5 a month is a big help!