Surprise Arrivals!!!


Lucky was born on the 16th of February 2021.  His mum Trixie was showing for a few weeks so we knew he was on the way.  We decided to name this little bundle Lucky after his father.  Lucky Snr is a little but very determined Dexter bull who lived next to our sanctuary at Stanthorpe.  Despite his tiny stature he could jump a fence like an Olympic hurdler and be in and out before we even knew it.  Lucky is father to four of our residents; Moussey, Boo, Neville and now Lucky Jnr.  Although we do not condone breeding, life seems to always find a way and we consider ourselves blessed to be able to give these babies and mothers their lives together.



Rayne was born late at night on the 11th of January 2021.  His mum Fiona only showed us she was expected the day before, much to our SURPRISE!  We did some quick calculations and realised she must have been just pregnant when she arrived at Cranky’s in May 2020.  Little Rayne was born naturally, without any interference and will now get to spend the rest of his life with his mum, Uncle Bradley and the the rest of the Cranky family.


Nicholls was born at 4pm on Tuesday 24 November 2020 followed 4 hours later by his sister Spring.

Their mum Coco and brother Pops had recently been rescued after being abandoned on a property and scheduled to be shot.

Nicholls is a robust, healthy, cheeky and vivacious little man.

Unfortunately, Spring was born tiny, weak and underdeveloped and was quickly left to fend for herself by her mum.

We rushed her to the vet on the night she was born and are now taking care of her full time.  She is an amazing, brave, funny and mischevious little lady who is full of life.  We are determined to do whatever is necessary to give her a full, healthy, happy and long life.















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Upon arriving at Cranky’s FARM on the 1st of August we noticed that Sarah was hanging back away from the herd.  After a brief investigation is was clear why, she had safely delivered a baby boy.

We have called him Neville after the wonderfully helpful family who own and run our local produce.

Neville and his mum are doing very well.

Sarah is a wonderful mum and her and Neville are beautifully bonded.



Neville has also become firm friends with Little J who he looks up to and follows like a big brother.

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