On Sunday, 20 June 2023 we were asked to take a senior donkey who was suffering from laminitis. His person was moving overseas and couldn’t care for him any longer.

Of course we agreed and went to pick him up.

Lorenzo was very scared to get on the float, not to mention that every step he took to get there was excruciatingly painful. We were very sad for him.

Despite being scared and in pain Lorenzo was gentle and patient.

The next day, after spending his first night at Cranky’s FARM he was seen by a vet. She exclaimed “This is a 23yr old donkey in a 40yr old donkey’s body“.

Separation of the laminae from the hoof wall

She confirmed the diagnosis of severe laminitis, however, said he had been suffering with laminitis for a long time and that his hooves showed he’d had laminitis many times. She also diagnosed him has having arthritis and a brief examination of his teeth showed significant wearing. Lorenzo has practically no top of bottom teeth at the front of his mouth.  Lorenzo is also very underweight and has muscle wastage.

Our vet suggested that perhaps the kindest thing for Lorenzo was euthanasia.

However, we want to give Lorenzo a chance; a chance to regain some of his health and live a few more good quality years at least.

Our goal is to see Lorenzo able to take pain free steps, be able to roll in the dust, play with the other Cranky equine and receive lots of love and attention.

In order for Lorenzo to be pain free we must:

  • Successfully treat his current bought of laminitis
  • Regrow and rehabilitate his hooves
  • Vaccinate him
  • Provide him with good quality, specially formulated feed for laminitic equine
  • Worm him
  • Have his teeth checked and treated

Lorenzo will require ongoing very regular dental and hoof treatments for the remainder of his life.  He will require specialised feed, stabling and to be kept warm during winter to help with his arthritis.

We estimate the cost to treat and rehabilitate Lorenzo will be around $5000.  This does not include the construction of another stable and yard for him which will be required should he make it through this ordeal.

We are raising funds to literally SAVE LORENZO’S LIFE.  If you believe, like we do, that Lorenzo deserves a fighting chance at a few more great years then please contribute to his campaign and share his story with everyone you know.

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First farrier visit

Being floated for the first time in 17 years

Vet check



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