My name is Fiddy.

In 2011 I arrived at Cranky’s FARM with my friends Mr Eight, Jersey and Wuz.  Before that we had been travelling around the state as part of a mobile petting zoo.  We were four months old and the petting zoo people said we were getting too big and starting to scare the kids who came to the zoo. 
After travelling around so much I was very happy to get to Cranky’s where all I have to do now is play with my friends, eat and sleep.  I am always very happy and I love people.  I love to lick them and do their hair and rub my head on them.  They say my tongue is REALLY rough and sometimes when I lick their face they tell me I’ve removed a layer of their skin.  I think they’re just joking and that really they love it. 😉
I am a big fan of food and will eat pretty much anything but  I love apples, carrots and pumpkin the most.
If you would like to help them take care of me just click the “Sponsor Me” button below.
If you choose to sponsor me you will receive:
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  • Access to a whole gallery of photos of me that only sponsors get to see;
  • Regular updates about my life and how you’re contribution is being used to keep me fed, safe, healthy and happy; and
  • Free visits to Cranky’s to visit me and see how I’m doing.

I am currently eating around $214 worth of food a month and I have 2 amazing sponsors who donate $75 a month to help feed me!



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