My name is Jack.

In 2011 I came to live at Cranky’s FARM with my daughter, Hannah.

We used to live with a couple of people who took good care us.  Unfortunately, they wanted to move house and we couldn’t go with them.

Our people contacted Donkey Rescue who contacted Cranky’s and they were happy to have us.

My daughter and I are always together, although sometimes she bites me when people try to give me carrots instead of her.

I have been told that I am hilariously funny, mischievous and playful.  One of my favourite things is when the people at Cranky’s bring us a new lick block.  I like the lick block a lot but not as much as I love playing with the box.

I love to play with things; cardboard, chairs, people’s clothes, hats and anything else I can pick up.

I love to sit on laps

I also love to roll in the sand.  At Cranky’s we have at least three sand pits which are just great for rolling in.

Aside from rolling in sand and playing with toys I love it when the people at Cranky’s give me cuddles.

Oh, and I LOVE food, especially apples, carrots and other crunchy veggies.

If you would like to help with the cost of feeding me just click the “Sponsor Me” button below.

If you choose to sponsor me you will receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship;
  • Access to a whole gallery of photos of me that only sponsors get to see;
  • Regular updates about my life and how you’re contribution is being used to keep me fed, safe, healthy and happy; and
  • Free visits to Cranky’s to visit me and see how I’m doing.

I am currently eating around $144 worth of food a month and I have 6 amazing sponsors who donate $70 a month to help feed me!