Mineral Lick Block (all residents)





iO Hobby Farm Block is a palatable molasses, calcium and phosphorus block fortified with copper, zinc and selenium used to reduce the risk of mineral deficiencies in the residents.

We choose to use a hobby farm block because it is suitable for cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Active Constituent: ANALYSIS per kg: 5.8% Natural Protein, 5.8% Molasses (approx), 45% Calcium, 9% Phosphorus, 2.4% Sulphur, 1.6% Magnesium, 2% Salt, 2.5% Iodine, 22.5mg Cobalt, 17mg Copper, 40mg Zinc, 565mg Selenium, 5.1mg Vitamin A 54 400IU

When you purchase a mineral lick block for the Cranky residents you are helping to maintain their health and, ultimately, their happiness.