My name is Moose.

I was born on a dairy farm.  This dairy farm didn’t treat their bull calves very well.  Usually, they “disposed” of them at just a day old.

Thankfully a very kind lady rescued me from that nasty place and took care of my for these past two years.

She loved me and took care of me very well.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t rained for a very long time and she can’t afford to take care of my any longer.

The people at Cranky’s FARM have said I can go and live there.




They say I will eat around $216 worth of food every week and that you can help contribute to this cost by sponsoring me.

As a thank you for sponsoring me you will receive a sponsorship certificate, which includes a cute picture of me.  You will also receive access to a sponsors only photo gallery with lots of pictures of me living my life at Cranky’s FARM.

If you would like to sponsor me just click the “Sponsor Me” button at the bottom of this page.

I currently have 17 amazing sponsors!