My name is Junior.  In 2023 I will turn 15 years old.

My life before coming to Cranky’s FARM wasn’t very good.  I was treated badly, tied up and fed dog food mostly.  I lived on a few properties but always seemed to find myself in bad situations.  Thankfully, a kind lady who lived next door to my previous home, cared about me.  She got in contact with Cranky’s FARM who agreed to help me.

Since coming to live at Cranky’s I have lost some weight, had an operation, received my vaccinations, had my teeth and feet attended to.  Best of all I now have many equine friends as well as humans and other animals in my family.  I have even made a best friend, whose name is Jonny.

If you would like to help the people at Cranky’s FARM take care of me you can sponsor me for as little as $5 a month (sounds like a little but it’s a big help).  Just click on the sponsor me button below.