2018-2019 RESCUES

25 October 2019 – Freckles and Bill

Freckles arrived with his friend, Bill (below) on Friday 25 October 2019.  Together they spent 24 hours in our holding pen being sniffed and snorted at by the current Cranky residents.  Freckles, although only 8 months and significantly smaller than Bill showed signs of being the dominant steer in the yard that first night, however, upon being let out the following day it appeared Freckles realised just how small he really is.

He followed Bill around (which was cute) and Bill didn’t lead him astray.  Immediately, they fitted right in with their new family, waiting their turn at the feeders and following the herd down to get a drink at the trough.

Thank you so much to Bill and Freckles sponsors and to everyone who shared their rescue posts.  The have now started their new life, safe from exploitation and a premature demise thanks to you all!

29 March 2019 – Moose

Moose arrived on Friday, 29 March 2019.  After spending 24 hours in our holding pen, greeting everyone through the safety of the fence he was very ready to be released on Saturday afternoon.  Upon being let our there was lots of running and jumping and mooing.  He caused quite a stir.  He has fitted in very well.  He is a very confident young man, has already made friends and has even managed to put Hannah in her place.  He is very social and is already firmly a Cranky’s herd member.



29 September 2018 – Fifteen

Fifteen arrived on Saturday.  He was an absolute gentleman; patient and respectful.  He spent the night in our holding pen and was let out to mingle the next day.  He politely greeted every one of his new family and was accepted with very little fuss.  Fifteen is a Drought Master steer who weights in excess of a tonne, yet he is one of our most gentle residents.

13 September 2018 – Bruno, Brad and Stuart




Bruno and Stuart are two eleven month old Angus x Hereford steers who were, along with Brad the Bradford steer, destined to be sold, slaughtered and stored.  Thanks to the commitment of the community to help us care for these three gorgeous boys they will be arriving to start their new lives on Saturday, 13 September.  We cannot wait to meet and fall in love with them.  **UPDATE** Bradley, Bruno and Stuart arrived safely on Saturday, 20 October 2018 and are currently settling in with their new family.  All three are very sweet and gentle.  Not having lived on properties with trees and rocks they are enjoying exploring their new home.




14 September 2018 – Millie, Mac, Nelly and Annie

Millie, Mac, Nelly and Annie are four goats who are in need of a forever home.  They are due to arrive at Cranky’s on Sunday, 14 September 2018, however, we are yet to secure sponsorship for their monthly feeding costs.  It is only with community support that we are able to commit to further rescues as to rescue more animals without being able to guarantee their future care would put them and our current residents in danger.  If you are able to commit to a monthly donation of even just $5 to help cover the costs of feeding either Millie, Mac, Nelly or Annie please click on the “Sponsor Me” button at the bottom of their individual page/s.  **UPDATE** Nelly, Annie, Millie and Mac arrived safely on Saturday, 20 October 2018.  They are all adorable, very affectionate and happy.  Not having lived on a property with many trees or boulders they seem to be having lots of fun acting like goats up on the rocks.



Nelly and Annie










10 November 2018 – Carl, Murray and Norman

Carl, Norman and Murray are three 1 year old dairy steers.  Deemed waste products of the dairy industry they were taken from their mothers at only days old and trucked to the cattle sales.  They were purchased by people wanting to protect them and have been cared for since.  Unfortunately, circumstances have changed and they require a new home.  **UPDATE** Carl, Norman and Murray arrived at Cranky’s FARM safely and are now 100% part of the Cranky’s family.  Although they have integrated well into the larger herd they still stick together and we are very happy we were able to offer them a home where they will remain together as brothers. 













Bambi, Bobby and Thelma

Thelma is an 8 year old ex-dairy cow who couldn’t keep up with the required amount of milk production.  Bambi and Bobby are two four year old dairy steers.  All three were rescued from the dairy industry and have been loved and cared for.  Unfortunately, due to a change in circumstances these three are seeking a new home. **UPDATE** Thankfully, we were able to find a wonderful, new forever home for these three beautiful souls.  They will be spending the rest of their lives in the lush Byron Bay where they will be lavished with love.

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