My name is Slim and I am a special needs horse.

Time is very quickly running out for me and my friend Max (also on the Cranky’s FARM website).

Our current person love us very much but can no longer take care of us and we face imminent euthenasia if we cannot find a new forever home with someone willing and able to care for us.

With this drought, horses are lacking vitamins, minerals and fats, so extra feed and supplements are required for their health.

Slim’s feed bill is around $230-$390 a month, depending on the hay available.

NAME: Slim
BREED: Thoroughbred
SEX: Male (Gelding)
AGE: 18 years
LOCATION: Dalveen, Qld
TEMPERAMENT: Friendly with people and most other animals – best friends with Max
EXPERIENCE WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Horses and other animals
KNOWN MEDICAL ISSUES: Dental, gut and possible arthritis.  Can also suffer from a skin condition/itch.
BACK STORY (from my current people): Slim is an 18 year old thoroughbred gelding, ex-racehorse, but he was only raced a handful of times as he was too slow.
He then spent some time being used for eventing before he was bought ten years ago for trail riding after having been retired from eventing.
He was only ridden a handful of times before he was retired to a life of leisure with his current owner.
Slim has a lovely nature towards both people and other horses, although being a horse he does get a bit bossy towards others at times when in a herd, but is never vicious, and is well behaved towards other animals.
Slim is a high maintenance horse as he has only one upper incisor (no idea what happened to all his teeth), so needs lots of hay all year round, plus he has some gut issues from a recent bout of ill health that need further addressing to help with his weight. He also has bad conformation in one foreleg, which has led to arthritis, and he possibly has arthritis in other joints due to his age and compensatory stance and movement, so supplements are needed to help with his joint pain.

If you are willing and able to offer me a permanent, loving, safe, forever home please click on the “Offer Me a Home” button below, complete and submit the questionnaire and someone from Cranky’s will be in touch!