My name is Max and I am a 10 year old standard bred (gelding).

I am affectionate with people and my best buddies is Slim (also on the Cranky’s FARM website).

Sometimes I don’t get along very well with other animals so it is recommended that I be an only horse or that I get to live on with my friend Slim.

My current person loves us very much but cannot continue to care for is.  Instead of risking an unknown future for me where I could end back up at the sale yards, my person will have no choice but to have me euthanised if I cannot find a new forever home.

Max’s feed/supplement bill is around $200-$360 a month, depending on the hay that is available.

BREED: Standard bred
SEX: Male (Gelding)
AGE: 10 years
LOCATION: Dalveen, Qld
TEMPERAMENT: Friendly with people – best friends with Slim
EXPERIENCE WITH OTHER ANIMALS: Not recommended to be housed with other animals other than Slim
KNOWN MEDICAL ISSUES: Previously torn ligaments in right hock
BACK STORY (from my current people): Max is a 10 year old standard bred (gelding) who was rescued from the doggers at the Laidley Horse Sales six years ago.
He is very affectionate with people and he is best buddies with Slim, his paddock mate, however his insecurities, which possibly stem from pain, prevent him from getting along well with most other horses. While he is curious about other animals, he can sometimes go into chasing mode, again this probably stems from his insecurity.
Max has previously torn ligaments in his right hock, twice (he is a bit of a clutz at times), so is happy to just spend his days munching away on hay and what little tufts of grass are left.

If you are willing and able to offer me a permanent, loving, safe, forever home please click on the “Offer Me a Home” button below, complete and submit the questionnaire and someone from Cranky’s will be in touch!