My name is Brad.

I am an 18 month old Bradford steer.  Apparently, that means I am a cross between a Brahman and a Hereford.

I have been living on a property which is now in drought.  The people there don’t want to have to feed me and said I needed to find a new home or go into someone’s freezer.

Luckily, the people from Cranky’s FARM heard that I needed a new home and they asked if anyone would like to help out with the costs of keeping me.  Thankfully, lots of people said they would so now I am just waiting to go to my new forever home.

On Saturday, 20 October I went on truck with Bruno and Stuart to Cranky’s FARM.  It was a bit scary but when we got there everyone made us feel safe.  The next day we were allowed out to explore our new home and it was really exciting.

If you would like to sponsor me just click on the “Sponsor Me” button below.

If you choose to sponsor me you will receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship;
  • Access to a whole gallery of photos of me that only sponsors get to see;
  • Regular updates about my life and how you’re contribution is being used to keep me fed, safe, healthy and happy; and
  • Free visits to Cranky’s to visit me and see how I’m doing.

I am currently eating around $216 worth of food a month and I have 15 amazing sponsors!