Norman and Dexter


Norman and Dexter have found a wonderful new home at a sanctuary in Armadale,  Norther NSW.

They will be living out their rest of their lives in safety along with the rest of their little family (the goats, the sheep and the pig!).


Norman (without horns) is a 4 year old steer.  He is friendly and fun, comes to his name and gets on well with other animals.

Dexter is 6 years old and is currently intact (a bull).  Despite this he is very friendly boy who loves to play and, also gets on with other animals.

These boys  have been together for a long time and it would be great if they could be rehomed together.

We would like to have Dexter de-sexed before he is rehomed as he is not to be used for breeding, however, if that is not possible due to his age then he would need to go to a home with no female cows.