Donation Disclaimer

At this time Cranky's FARM does not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

This means that donations to Cranky's FARM can not be claimed as a tax deduction.

We may be eligible for this status, however, we have not yet applied to the Australia Tax Office.  The Australian Tax Office has now made it more difficult for animal related charities to obtain DGR status in an attempt to reduce hoarding.  In order to obtain DGR status a charity must be able to prove that their main function is either rehoming or rehabilitating animals.   Whilst Cranky's FARM is dedicated to the rehabilitation of any farm animal that requires it, at this time, providing a safe, forever home to our current Cranky residents, educating the public and fighting for animal rights are our main purposes as well as saving as many lives as we are able.

We do hope to apply for DGR status at some time during the upcoming financial year.