My name is  Tinkerbelle.

I came to live at Cranky’s FARM in 2018.  Before that I lived on a farm where I was being used to produced milk.  When I got mastitis the family who I produced milk for didn’t want me anymore.  Thankfully, they heard about Cranky’s and asked if I could go and live there.

Sadly, I had to leave my daughter behind when I came to live at Cranky’s but the people here think that one day they might be able to bring her to live here too. 🙂

I really like people and all kinds of food.  I love pats and cuddles.  I have a really tiny voice but when I need to call out I will bleat at the top of my lungs until someone calls back.

If you would like to help with those costs just click the “Sponsor Me” button below.

If you choose to sponsor me you will receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship;
  • Access to a whole gallery of photos of me that only sponsors get to see;
  • Regular updates about my life and how you’re contribution is being used to keep me fed, safe, healthy and happy; and
  • Free visits to Cranky’s to visit me and see how I’m doing.

I am currently eating around $144 worth of food a month and I have 2 amazing sponsors who donate $55 a month to help feed me!