My name is Pops and I was born in June or July 2020.

I lived on a property with my mum, my dad and my brother, apparently, we had been abandoned there.

People said we were annoying, eating the fruit tress and digging in the grass.  They said if we couldn’t find somewhere else to live we had to be shot!

Thankfully, Cranky’s FARM have taken me and and my mum Coco in and are in the process of finding somewhere for my dad and brother to live.

I think, after we learn to trust people, we will be very happy at our new home.

Mmmmm veggies, not sure I’ve had these before.

This is me wondering if this scary lady is going to kill me or not!









If you would like to help take care of me please hit the ‘Sponsor Me’ button at the bottom of the page.  Your sponsorship money will be spent on giving me good food, love, attention and a safe home for the rest of my natural life.

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