Mrs Black

My name is Mrs Black.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to arrive at Cranky’s FARM.  Before that I was living at a farm confined to a small enclosure near the house.  I wasn’t very happy.

The boy who “owned” me had to move house and said he would just sent me to the butcher but a kind lady knew someone who took care of unwanted animals and she said she would take me.

Falling asleep in the arms of one who loves me

When I arrived at Cranky’s I saw cows for the first time.  They were huge!  When I jumped off the trailer I tried to look big by standing up on my two back legs.  I don’t think they were fooled.  They never tried to hurt me though.

That day I met the people who will care for me for the rest of my life and I fell in love, and they did too.

I have a VERY special bond with the people at Cranky’s.  I hear them say I am more dog-like than a dog.  They say I am un-waveringly loyal and super affectionate.  I don’t know what that means but I really love it when they pat and cuddle me and when they are at Cranky’s I never leave their side.  Sometimes when Natalie, she’s one of the ladies at Cranky’s, cuddles me by the fire at night, I fall asleep in her arms.  I feel safe and loved.  I hear her whisper in my ear “I love you Mrs Black” and I feel all fuzzy on the inside and the out.

Mrs Black, Buddy and Boots

In August, 2011 I gave birth to two little kids, Buddy and Boots.  I had them in the barn and Natalie was there with me.  She rubbed my back and let me push on her when I needed to.  She held me up with I was tired and then she helped me clean my kids.  I knew she would love them as much as I did.

Sometimes I get a bit jealous when people come to visit and they are talking to my people.  I have a habit of trying to round them up and pull their clothes, especially their shoe laces and hair.

At Cranky’s I might not be the leader of the goat herd, as I am the tiniest and the only one without horns, but, I get to go places the others don’t, like on adventure walks and inside the shed and I get lots of special treats.

Me and Natalie



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