Mumma (aka Mrs Black) – Rest easy my love

Rest well in peace Mumma.

During the afternoon on the 23rd of October 2021 we were had to let Mumma pass on to her next adventure without us.  It was the hardest decision we have had to make, and maybe the hardest we will ever have to because she was so very special to us.  For me (Natalie) personally, my heart shattered into so many pieces that afternoon and the biggest portion of them flew away with Mumma when she went.

She fought and held on as long as her little legs could manage.  Before she went she had lots of yummy treats, got to pull my hair many times, had lots and lots of cuddles and was surrounded and given much love and support by those who loved her most in the world.

I lost my best friend and soulmate that day but I am ever so grateful I got to love her enough to have it hurt so much.


My name is Mrs Black but I am called Mumma by my family.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to arrive at Cranky’s FARM.  Before that I was living at a farm confined to a small enclosure near the house.  I wasn’t very happy.

The boy who “owned” me had to move house and said he would just sent me to the butcher but a kind lady knew someone who took care of unwanted animals and she said she would take me.

Falling asleep in the arms of one who loves me

When I arrived at Cranky’s I saw cows for the first time.  They were huge!  When I jumped off the trailer I tried to look big by standing up on my two back legs.  I don’t think they were fooled.  They never tried to hurt me though.

That day I met the people who will care for me for the rest of my life and I fell in love, and they did too.

I have a VERY special bond with the people at Cranky’s.  I hear them say I am more dog-like than a dog.  They say I am un-waveringly loyal and super affectionate.  I don’t know what that means but I really love it when they pat and cuddle me and when they are at Cranky’s I never leave their side.  Sometimes when Natalie, she’s one of the ladies at Cranky’s, cuddles me by the fire at night, I fall asleep in her arms.  I feel safe and loved.  I hear her whisper in my ear “I love you Mrs Black” and I feel all fuzzy on the inside and the out.

Mrs Black, Buddy and Boots

In August, 2011 I gave birth to two little kids, Buddy and Boots.  I had them in the barn and Natalie was there with me.  She rubbed my back and let me push on her when I needed to.  She held me up with I was tired and then she helped me clean my kids.  I knew she would love them as much as I did.

Sometimes I get a bit jealous when people come to visit and they are talking to my people.  I have a habit of trying to round them up and pull their clothes, especially their shoe laces and hair.

At Cranky’s I might not be the leader of the goat herd, as I am the tiniest and the only one without horns, but, I get to go places the others don’t, like on adventure walks and inside the shed and I get lots of special treats.

Me and Natalie