My name is Jonny.

Not that much is known about my past but at best guess I was born in 2012 and I am a miniature pony.  

Unfortunately, what has lead me to now call Cranky’s FARM home is not a happy tale but I am hoping that with the lots of love and attention I will receive here, I will be well and happy again.

Currently (July 2022), I am suffering from chronic laminitis and have horrendously overgrown hooves.  I have had an initial veterinary assessment and X-rays and a farrier is coming to see me tomorrow to begin the long task of reshaping my hooves.  They say that my feet are so misshapen that when they begin to reshape them I will need to learn to walk properly all over again.

At the moment I am always sore and I can’t walk very fast or very far but I am always sweet, gentle and affectionate.  I know the people at Cranky’s FARM are going to do everything they can to make me feel better again.

If you would like to help them with my every-day expenses you can sponsor me by clicking on the Sponsor Me button below.