RIP Chewy

Chewy passed away as the results of cancer in 2022.  We miss him greatly.  He was brave and gentle to the very end.


My name is Chewy and I am approximately 4 years old (in 2020).

I was born a hen but I have since transitioned into a rooster.  I crow, I strut and have grown a wonderful comb and wattle and strong thick legs and spurs.  I can do everything any other rooster can do except father chicks.

Unfortunately, the people who adopted me originally adopted a hen and when I began to change and crow their neighbours complained and said they had to get rid of me.

Thankfully I now call Cranky’s FARM home and have a few hen friends, as well as goats and donkeys.

If you would like to help the people at Cranky’s take care of me you can sponsor me but hitting the ‘Sponsor Me’ button at the bottom of my page.

Sponsors receive a unique sponsorship certificate and access to a sponsor’s only photo gallery so they can check in regularly to watch me living the happy, exploitation free life they help provide me with.