My name is Solo and I am an eight year old male pig.

I spent my first eight years on a property with over 150 illegally kept farm animals were I was used to breed piglets which were then sold as meat.

My enclosure was was very small, only about a 4 meters square patch of dirt.  The fencing was made from bits and piece of wood and wooden pallets.  The broken down shelter was also made from wooden pallets with a bit of iron over the top.  On the ground was dirt, planks of wood, old containers, rotting vegetables, fruit and pig feces.  I didn’t really have anywhere to lie and the smell was unbearable.

There was no fresh water, just a small, stagnant, mostly dried up mud puddle that I had to both wallow in and drink from.

In November 2019, Cranky’s FARM liberated me from this life and I went to live with a new family.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to keep me.

Now though, Cranky’s FARM has decided to let me live there with them.

They estimate I will eat around $80 a month.  If you would like to help them take care of me just click on the Sponsor Me button below.   As a thank you for sponsoring me you will receive access to a sponsors only photo gallery where you can watch me live the wonderful life you are helping to give me.

Solo enjoying some carrots

Some of Solo’s piglets


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