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Piggley and Family


We are sad to say that Piggley and her family wandered off property in June and we have not had the pleasure of their company since.  It is the nature of free pigs to wander, and it was a choice we made after much consideration to let them live free.  We did not think it was our right to confine them.  Our hearts are broken that they decided not to stay with us and we miss them EVERY DAY.  When they left us all the babies had been de-sexed, the whole family had been wormed, were free of parasites and were in excellent condition.   They have been off-site for weeks before so we are still hopeful that we will see one or all of them again one day soon, and, of course we will welcome them with open arms, lots of scratches and yummy treats.


Piggley has had a hard life.  Living wild she found herself at the hands of someone savage.  This person cut both her ears off in a practice used to train hunting dogs.   Piggley was trapped, restrained, mutilated and then released with the intention that the person’s dogs would catch her and end her life.  Fortunately, Piggley got away and found her way to Cranky’s FARM.

The night we met her she was huddled in our goat’s shed, bleeding and terrified.  We tried to comfort her and provided her with some food.  Piggley survived the night and wandered off the next day.  We did not know if we would ever see her again.  Over the next few weeks she returned to sleep in our goat’s shed and then one day she brought five little piglets back with her.   A few weeks later she lots one of her little ones.

Since then, the remaining four piglets and Piggley have become part of the Cranky family.

Just recently the three boys have had a visit to the vet and are now de-sexed.  Our aim is to have our little girl de-sexed soon also.

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